I wish I had a best friend. Most of them end up back biting or having a wwwIII with me for the silliest of fights which would be resolved just by talking but they decide it's best to not talk and then erupt all at once. It's difficult to go through life with no one to support you. I want someone who won't say things like you're life is better than mine or you're life is easier etc. I just want to share and love. I don't want gifts or Facebook posts... Why is it so hard to find them :(
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I am offering my friendship. I too am looking for a true, non judge who can be honest.

That's what I'm looking for at the moment, one true close friend, someone who I can confine in and they can with me. It'd be so fab to meet someone like that

It's okay, so do I. You aren't alone <3

you probably are looking in the wrong, find someone from a different country. Most of the times friends who are from different cultures are far better understanding eachother then those who share it

i have had many friends over the years but only 1 or 2 i can call real friends they are the ones that matter you just need to find that special one or two

you will be fine. It's going to be ok. You are going to get it together...

I'm really hoping on that although it would be amazing to have someone.

Take patience and work on yourself. When you can see yourself where you want to be in life and your desired lifestyle is when then can God then bless it as you put it in order. Don't look from it from Facebook. If you have a love you found on Facebook, stay off of Facebook for a while and let them come to you and not to Facebook. That's only social media. You are in life. You live. Facebook should not be your house. or home.. it's coming for you. Keep your head up and continue to pray!