I'm married with kids but spend an awful lot of time on my own. It gets very lonely sometimes and I miss my friends.
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I'm right there with you 😞 I also have three little ones as well. Most weeks the only adult I speak to is my husband (if he's not already with mistress Xbox 😡) and Sundays at church. That's it. We have to move around every couple of years for my hubby's work so any close friends are left behind. A phone call It's just not the same thing as "doing life " with them . I hate the feeling of my voice being trapped in my brain, it gets so quiet.Everyone is busy, working etcetc and them you see their Facebook status "eating lunch with this girl , she's my best friend and it's so much fun! Selfie!" I end up thinking " oh you're too busy for me? Am I not "popular" in our circles for you? ". In reality, I just don't have patience for bullshit and if that bothers them , well good riddance.... I make time for the ones who will make time for me. Sorry, venting!!!!

It's definitely hard! I have 2 children of my own and also I have custody of my 3 nieces. 95% of the time it's me doing it all alone. It's hard for sure

Join a meetup group. If you live near water, then you can learn how to sail and join a sailing club.

then call over mobile and spend a quality time with them and you can also read books any type which you prefer

I'm a mum with 1 kid, and I hear you. I love being a sahm But sometimes it would be nice to be able to talk to someone whose I've 3 feet tall and not trying to flush toy cars down the toilet or smear carrots in my hair.

That's "over 3 feet tall". Tiny keyboard+tired fingers lol.

sorry to hear.
i m sure u must hv tried to break the ice . keep trying sometimes it takes longer time to get the ice broken.

best wishes hope u soon get wht u really deserve for