My mom died in May of this year. And it was probably the best thing that could happen to me. My mom wasn't a bad person. She got sucked in by a narcissistic sister and pretty much cared much more for her than I. I've let that stuff go. It's not an issue.

Thing is, I've been very sheltered all of my life.
And I realized recently that I'm an atheist(and accepted the fact). Living in a town where religion is very important makes being close to people very hard.

I can talk to people easily about superficial stuff or things that aren't that important to me. But things I care about, societal issues, most people I can chat with is all "god will handle it".

The second issue is that I'm not keen on online friendships. To me they're fun to have but it's on a level of having a fan. You can only connect so much through internet alone.
And above all else if I could find one person who shared any like mindedness with me and could sit down and talk in person without the need to have his or her phone nearby we'd be gold.
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sorry 4 your mum's loss