After high school I feel as though I lost all of my best friends. Many of my friendships now seem so fake and on the surface. It feels incredibly lonely. Any words of advice???
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I know how you feel, my high school friends and I used to hangout every weekend but after high school I haven't talked to any of them and one of them(he used to be my best friend) is in my college and we take a few classes together and he won't talk to me anymore and I don't have any friends now, I mean I talk to other people but I won't consider them close.

I'm glad you feel the same!

me ex bestfriend stole my im all alone.everday just seeing their faces makes me so tired and hurt..but i guess college friends are better?cause they are more matured arent they?

I find a lot of people in college seem to have similar interests and motivations as you do, so it's nice to get to know those people! I've totally been there before with the "friend stealing" it's the worst!!

i dont know what to do..i hate my life so much.when i see them just laughing and theyve forgotten about me like im just not important.what should i doooo??i cant wait to go to college..its just so much drama in high school.

Don't hate your life! You're so young! Do you have a lot of hobbies/sports/interests? I would totally focus on those things and just forget the people that make you unhappy. Make the most out of highschool!

i cant, just looking at them hurts me.but ive been studying to stop thinking about them.but i guess i will try having fun while in high school.if i can.

Screw em! I know how badly it hurts but focus on getting those grades and getting to know people who will stand by ya

thanks.i felt better.i should just forget about them and find new friends that will treasure me.thanks.

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I feel the same way. Really sad actually since these are people who I grew up with through many experiences. Whenever I try to talk to them about what going on in my life they brush it off or just don't care. I miss them but there not much I can do. I guess I'm on the same boat as you but we just have to be friendly and keep our heads up.

I'm your friend if you need to talk

Thanks for sharing your experience!! Childhood friends are such a huge part of your life, so for sure, it is hard to have that change. Thanks for the word of advice.