Okay, so there's this girl called "Kay", she's really rich and she's from an international school, I was her first friend in college, and then there's this girl "Anne", One day Kay and Anne were sitting together, so Anne made friends with Kay and now Anne and Kay have become really close, however I feel that Anne made friends with Kay only because she knows that Kay is rich, I envy Anne that how she is able to make so many friends quickly, I mean I was Kay first friend in college and now Anne and Kay have become better friends than me and Kay. I'm jealous of Anne. Every single person in my class knows her, and everyone likes her. I feel Anne doesn't like me, she's a bit rude to me too. She keeps using the F word which I don't like. I envy Anne a lot and I'm jealous of her. I'm way prettier than Anne but I'm jealous of her cause she's made soo many friends and that too really rich and cool friends. I know I'm being greedy and selfish because I too wanna make friends with the cool and rich people and not the simple people.
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Well, I guess I can understand what u'r trying to say, but in the end only those people matter who're simple and have a good head on their shoulders.
U see, when u try to make friends with people seeing their resources and all, u try to pose to be someone u are not and thus, any relationship based on fake foundation lasts only for a while, whereas when u be urself, u'll notice people'll be attracted to ur personality automatically. Trust me, I've seen enough to know this.

Wow so you think people who have less can be good friends ??? That's sad

I'm jealous of people who make friends faster than me, and they become really close. I really don't know why. I know I have to accept things the way they are but I just can't convince myself to accept it. Why ?

Maybe you just need a close friend.

I hate Anne I really don't know why. I just hate her. Though she's not done anything to me, it's just that I feel that she's trying to pull Kay away from me. Idk why. I asked her "where did u and Kay go bunking college" so she said "why do u have a problem with that?", I felt so so bad but I didn't say anything.

Ignore Anne, soon Kay is going to find out how bitchy Anne is and she is going to go search for someone she really trusts (you).

I don't think she's gonna find out that, because Anne is really nice to Kay, plus their way of talking is also very similar, they use bad words and all.. But I'm just not like that.

Try getting some time to hangout alone with Kay........friendships between girls are really complicated I wouldn't survive a day.

Yeah.. It is :p but Anne is really really very talkative and she mixes up with people super fast.. Where as it takes me quite some time to mix up.. Everyone likes Anne a lot.. The cool people really like Anne

The "Cool" people also tend to be the hollow people, popularity is overrated you don't need to be popular just be who you are and fund someone who likes you for being you.


I know I should look for better people. But I just can't convince my self! Plus I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder, I keep thinking about the same thing again and again

Relax, find something to forget about it.

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To hell with Anne and Kay find someone who appreciates your friendship.

it wont be long before you go out into the big wide world and get a job and a new life and then you will make new friends.