In summer 2012, I moved to a new country with my family. I was looking forward to starting school and meeting new people. I was very social and not shy at all. First day of school of that year(grade 7), I met someone and she became my best friend. It was so much fun being with her! Let's say her name was Kendall. So Kendall and I would hang out all the time, she'd always be my partner in every project and we would have sleepovers all the time. 2013 (grade 8), Kendall would rarely come to school, she probably came like only 25 times to school out of the whole year. I would call her and ask why she wasn't at school but all she ever said was "I didn't feel like it". I started to think she's depressed or something. She was called down to the nurse office and she had to talk to a doctor so the doctor would know why she misses so much school. The doctor said that she was depressed but she didn't believe the doctor. She stopped coming to school and we stopped talking.

Brittany was another friend who I sat with in English class in grade 7 so that's how we became friends. In grade 8, we became really close and I also met Hannah in grade 8. The 3 of us were really close and we were always hanging out together in class. Kendall is a really judgements person and I hated that. She would always tell me I look stupid or my hair looks weird ( I'm pretty much the only person in the school who has very curly hair) but I laughed it off like I know I don't always look my best but whatever. Hannah is a good friend, she's very kind and I like her better than Kendall. I hang out with her after school too till her bus comes. She would tell me anything that's upsetting her and really opens up to me and I felt really happy that she could.
To Kendall tho, I was her 'other' friend. She was having a birthday party on a school night. It was just cake and presents at a restaurant. I didn't know about it till the day before when she asked me. I was so offended that I was last to be asked to go to her birthday party and on the day before it too. And I really think that Hannah was the one that told her that she should invite me but I'm not sure. I went anyway because she invited her group of friends who I love hanging out with! They're so fun to be around but if I hang out with them at lunch or out of school, I really feel like I've missed so much and that I wouldn't fit in. But I do know all the people and we talk in class sometimes and I think they like me as a friend but I'm just too shy to go over to their table and sit down with them during lunch. I'm just so scared of them judging me like I'm afraid they'd think ' wtf is she doing here or why is she sitting with us' or something like that.

Despite all the bad that has happened, it was a good year. Now grade 9 which is this year. I check our school page to see whos class im in and they're both not in my class!! Us 3 were talking in a group convo and I said that I wasn't with them and Hannah was like 'that's too bad!!' And kendall was like 'haha ur alone'
I just replied with a crying face and the poo face emojis. I thought, wow they hate me what have I ever done to them! I started crying because I know this year is gonna suck when my 2 close friends aren't in my class. Specially because I have no other friends. I know almost everyone in my grade and they know me but were just acquaintances which I really hate because it's so hard to make friends when they already know who you are.
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Don't worry you'll make friends. Who knows you might love the people in your class. Just go into it with a positive attitude, and talk to everyone, not just like to people!

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Starting Grade 9? Don't worry, a lot of people will change and you will make closer friends :) Just be friendly and you'll make tons

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I'm sorry.