Don't Know How to Do It

Right now, the big movie advertisement on the airwaves is I Love You, Man, where Paul Rudd goes out to explore the dynamics of making guy friends. A fellow recommends "man dating" to him, where two men hang out mono a mono to get to know one another. I admire this character's courage: I don't know if I could do it.

How do I find more friends, male and female? I can't find them through sports, because I suck at sports. I can't find them at the gym, because I suck in a gym. Car enthusiasts' club? I'd try, but I'd look eccentric (not to mention I'd run the risk of finding a one-track mind kind of person).

Any thoughts or suggestions? 

rustyguy rustyguy
18-21, M
4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Life experience has taught me to follow activities I enjoy that way you meet like minded people, with more in common they are likely to develop as close friends - even if they don;t at least you have done what interests you. I would love a close loving marriage, but sadly I have realised that the understanding I need comes from friends, the support from other family members. I take what I find where I find it. Life I;m afraid isn,t like the tv la la land for me either, but I'm always hopeful

god, I know exactly what you mean. I'm an outgoing person and I'm still stuck with the same problems. Sucks right?

Ye definately concentrate on the friends you already have. Maybe you could take your friends to a place where there's lots of people, a skate park maybe? that's where i made a lot of friends. I don't skate though.<br />
what i mean is, you can easily make friends if you go somewhere where lots of people hang out, even if you don't take part.

Not realy, just keep trying. I go through the same stuff. I want those girlfriends you see on tv, that come help you when your hurting, I want those male friends, who would stick up for me since I don't have a man in my life, but I can't quite find all of these people. I do have a few and maybe they're all I need. But, I do keep trying