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I have been in this country for about 10 years now. I know a lot of people but I so not have any friends and I have NO family left. This is all as a result of many different factors all contributing to the same sad, almost pathetic reality.... I do not have 1 close friend.

First of, I moved here and never really made any friends, the few I had flew away when I got married. My ex is a complete control freak and so my friendships went down the drain. After we divorced I spent most of my time raising my kids (2) and well, with very little time for friends. Then my mom passed away and I submerged myself into school, so now I have 3 areas of major time-consuming proportions: being a mom, being a full time employee and a part time student.

I'd lie if I didn't mention I did end up with a super-best-friend for about 6 years who after those 6 years decided to cut me off because she simply did not want to work out a misunderstanding. Can I please add that throughout our 6 year friendship I had forgiven many an aggravation of her part but I guess I was just not worth it.. (bitter much?!) I so swear I am over it, just letting  you know what is going on so you really understand.

Ok well, it has been about a year since my only friend cut me off and since then all I do is hang out with the kids and then go to work and tend to other school matters. Don't get me wrong, i love my kids, i don't regret the time I spend with them but I do know that I need adult time too and I just don't understand what it takes to make friends. I am friendly and well maybe a little quirky. It bothers me sometimes, I guess tonight is one of those times. Well, what the hell right? I guess life is just not ready to let me have some friendships, maybe there is some stuff I need to go through on my own and later I will find some fantastic friends... I am ok with that... mostly.

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im sorry to hear about this story of urs it sounds to me they rnt true friends cos where i come from true friends stick by one another i know how u feel one of my friends should i say so called friends dumped me too cos of her sons actions

i lent him a bike for a few days turned into 2 weeks or more then the cops were involved and that was it

he didnt keep to his promise that he had to bring the bike back so cos of her son we r now not friends so she wasnt a very good friend she was a user

and she has lost a few since i knew her

so true friends rnt easy to come by

hope we can become friends i havent many left either last sept i lost my best friend at 49 yrs old 3 weeks b4 her 50th

and still havent got over it

now her mum has just passed away 4 months after diane

hope to hear from u

and we can b friends if u want im from australia