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It's not that I wish I had more close Friends; it's just I wish I had a FRIEND!!! I know the saying " To have a friend you must be a friend" it's B.S. In my 50 years I have gone out of my way to have friends just to be used or be made a joke of.

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I think we would be friends


I've been dealing with that for 30 years. I guess it doesn't get any better.

I know exactly how you feel! Someone whom I thought was a wonderful friend, turned out to be a huge back-stabber. She took everything nice that I ever did for her, and twisted things around to make it seem like I was some freak with an obsession with our friendship. She gossiped about me behind my back, making me out to be a crazy person, and turned mutual acquaintances of ours, against me. She even got me rejected from a church (long story) by spreading lies about me. I have huge trust issues now and am afraid to show kindness to anyone for fear it that will be taken out of context.

I don't know why about the being used, but I do understand made joke of, even at our age. Consider being in the barrel of jokes for a little while, until you get them alone. If its one night of joking, deal with it as a friend, cause it may be their turn next. However, Even friends need a guidline not to cross. For example, calling you a *** is crossing the line, but you got to tell them that in advance.<br />
Get out there a try it again, please. Someone out there need a friend too.