The Price Of Cowardice

Okay, everyone, it's time to laugh at the n00b (me)... Here's my story...

I am 43 years old (in Feb), I still live with my mom... and nieces... and their dogs. Recently, I've been informed that my sister and her remaining boy is going to move out here... with sister's dog... 5 dogs, 4 kids, 3 adults... 5 bedrooms... hmmm...

In 2007, I gave up my beloved job as Help Desk Tech because I didn'tknow how I should respond to a co-worker's anger (new to the job force at 36).

In 2002, I gave up my beloved fiancee because I started to speak badly toward her (which I promised if I did, I would walk away).

Courage is so important... SO IMPORTANT, it's like water... we need to figure out how to receive courage, and use it to our advantage.

I have lost SO MUCH of my life due to lack of courage. I'm figuring out how to change things, though. Maybe someday I can have another fiancee and another Help Desk position... and enough money to handle the situation out here differently.

Instead of focusing on "what could go wrong, and what an idiot I am", let's start figuring out "how could things go right if I follow a new path?" Let's get it done, and win this thing!

Moving slow in life just to "be sure about things" is not the answer to life... if you don't live your life, someone else will, that's a promise!
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It takes courage to share all of this with us my friend, I think you are ready to make powerful changes starting with your healthy poistive attitude towards life.

Wow... Just wow

Thank you for drawing my attention back to this post. I'm still in this dumb situation. LOL :)

It takes time... That you had the courage to put it out here is part of the process...

Thank you for the encouragement, Sunshine. <3

You are welcome 😊

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