I wish I had the self-discipline to do many things to improve myself. Getting enough sleep would be one. It would be so much easier if I had someone to discipline me though.

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If you are close to Columbus, Ohio, I would be happy to watch over you and even send you reminders.

I think you need someone with whom you can talk to and confide in.

If you need a Disciplinarian, who will take the time to listen and guide, I am in Columbus Ohio.

I have poor sleeping habits,also. I have gone to bed as late as 6 am or not at all. I am fairly disciplined but it comes from harsh nurturing and a underlying feeling that I cannot do things that are incongruous with what is acceptable. I do make mistakes but I also beat myself up about them. You exist and you are wise beyond your years. I do hope you sleep but I have a feeling that self improvement might be a task best left for another day. Just exist and enjoy life as you can and like who you are if possible.

Here, here. I think that's the biggest single thing that holds me back in my life from doing what I really want and getting what I really want. I just can't see ANYTHING through to the end. Sure, I have moments of energy and motivation, but they are fleeting and then whatever it was that I was trying to accomplish when I had that energy I grow bored of or become too lazy to finish. Maybe it's my depression, maybe it's something else. I'm not really sure. But I just wish I had that "it" that other people always seem to have to just go and do something and accomplish it.