i see people who are friends with everyone and I have like 6 friends who will walk up to me and talk to me and Idk I'm annoying sometimes and im shy too which is a horrible combination
by the way, :| I talk to myself alot im a mess really i spend im my talk alone doing stupid things I hate being like this.
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same here

Your story is really touching. Listen to me, if these people that you want to be around will only talk to you if you are like them, they are not worth your time and energy. Despite what you believe, you are worth so much more than them. You're looks don't define who you are. Your personality does. And From a lot of your stories, I can tell you that you ARE a wonderful person. You've got potential. You've got a future. You've go a life ahead of you. Don't let these losers who think that you need to have the righ hair, clothes, and attitude define who you are.You define yourselfon your own and if they don't like it then they can kiss your butt. I am 15 and I was bullied from the time I was 4 to the time I was 13. I dealt with countless meetings with the principal and if things got bad enough, the ER. I contemplated suicide God knows how many times, I just wanted to fit in. To be liked. By the time I hit 14, I was done with the pressure. I lived in a town where you had to have the $200 jeans and $995 shoes (which I am sad to say I actually became so desperate that I did buy them... alot) But my job wasn't far and eventually I quit. I began wearing cheaper clothes, I didn't douse my face with expensive makeup, and because of this, I discovered a bunch of normal kids on the sidelines who weren't popular, but didn't care. They were cool with who they were and as we became friends, I became cool with who I am. Trust me, the self esteem issues are still there, but it is no where near where it once was. Inbox me if you want to talk. I understand where you are and what you're dealin with. I promse I will listen to what you have to say and you can trust me to be there whenever you need me. Message me hun. You don't have to go through this alone.

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