I Wish I Could Win The Lottery...

I would buy my son a house and car. I would pay off his car that he had to voluntarily return because we couldn't afford the payments and the insurance. I would get our bills paid off. I would pay off most of my boyfriend's things-just leave a little left-and not tell him it's almost paid off so that he continues to make the payments instead of spending all of my lottery winnings on racing.

I would pay off my car, fix it up and donate it to the Veterans. I would donate large sums of money to cancer research and ASPCA. I would get electricity in the kitchen of my boyfriend's house so I can cook like any normal person would (after three or more years of waiting for it, I'll just get it done myself).

I wish I could win the lottery.
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2 Responses Nov 6, 2010

Life is so hard and we could have a better life. My husband is very ill. We both on disabled. We cant work. And we bring home very little money. We would be bless for any thing. God bless you all.

I wish I could win some cash. I am tried of being broke. someone know the system to the numbers help