If I Had the Money I Would

My eldest wants to go to Uni, he wants to take driving lessons and have his own car, my youngest lad wants to play the drums own an xbox360 and a PS3 my daughter wants to move so that she can be closer to us. If I had the money I would grant them all their wishes. I would also help them onto the property ladder as now it is just so expensive and will they ever afford to make the first step? If only I had the money!

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since you were born in the UK you can make it happen , just a bit of luck, direction and support

Seldom do I read something so silly. You want to buy your kids stuff. Kids do not need or want stuff. Its just stuff. Why tie such importance to junk. <br />
<br />
Get your priorities in order. Give the kids your time, love and affection. Save the junk for TV game shows.

I don't necessarily agree with that, you might call it 'junk' now but for the kid it might actually mean something. For example me from ages 8-13 i wanted a computer, but my parents didn't have the money to buy one so instead they bought me an toy laptop (i was mad) for years i would constantly bug them about getting a laptop and it wasn't until my 14th birthday they rented an Windows 95' Dell desktop for me. I was happy for a month but upon the following month they couldn't make the payment and it got sent back.

Nowadays im a web-programmer (code in 3 languages) and am pursuing an career in computer forensics as well as have various IT certifications, however EVEN STILL i blame my parents for not buying me the computer &amp; not taking interest in my dream when i needed them to, who knows i might've been 10x better at coding and know wayyy more than what i already know.

Sorry to say it but 'love &amp; quality time' doesn't make your dreams come true nor does it help the child succeed all the time, for all you know the kid might be asking him for an Xbox because he's interested in the video gaming field perhaps design etc. you never know, for you to say its junk and that he shouldn't buy it to his kids is asinine. Sure, one must have priorities but shouldn't the happiness of his child &amp; interest in future be of importance as well?

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