I can't handle seeing a vast majority of the people I know get places in their live's well I am simply stuck and feeling broken and helpless. I see people going out to event's and concert's and getting educational degrees and all manner of thing's that people do. thing's I want to be doing but am unable to do simply because I don't have money and if it was simple for me to have money I would. I'm not sure what the point is in living in an existence where I'm not able to do anything at all where I'm stuck in isolation unable to express my self unable to be my authentic self an unable to perform my authentic purpose here on earth. Without money you can not be you're greatest self and the world actually benefits from people who have the means to be fully and truly who they are. It is the natural right and order of the universe for man to be wealthy.
Obsidianfirefly Obsidianfirefly
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Furthermore without money you can not have good health. You can't have access to good healthcare and medicines and dentists and all manner of other practices which maintain good health. I know this because I've lived in poverty all my life! anyone who says otherwise is a retard.