The biggest thing I am struggling with right now - money. I am a broke teenager just looking for a part time job until I finish high school. Everywhere I applied won't accept me. I call in and check on my applications all the time. It's kind of depressing making me feel like I can't achieve my goal. Around two-three months ago I had to leave my job at a pizza place because they "over hired". It was either quit or work three hours a week which was a big heck to the no. So I took my last paycheck and left. I'm tired of using my parents money all the time. I want to be able to buy something myself with my own money. It sucks. If I had more money - like we're talking unrealistic billions here - I'd leave this boring state I'm in now (Kentucky) and I'd travel all over the world. Of course I'd help out the homeless, my parents, and people in need. :)
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

People with college degrees are having a hard time finding work

Especially if I'm still in high school too! I can't even find a fast food plane to work at! My aunt with college degrees had a hard time also finding a job, eventually after two years without one, she finally got one. I guess patience and hard work is key.