Same Old Same Old

I never feel experienced enough or old enough to give proper useful advice that someone would actually appreciate. Everyone on here seems so much more smarter than I am and more worldly experienced than me that I normally just leave it up to them. I'm also worried about giving bad advice that could get someone into trouble or is just generally be the wrong thing to do. What if my advice is completely the opposite of what they were looking for?

The advice that I do give is so simple and boring that it hardly seems worth it. It just sounds like the same old stuff I've heard other people say a thousand times (not to me to others) and stuff that surely everyone already knows and doesn't need repeating by me. V__V

UnseenBlossom UnseenBlossom
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3 Responses Jan 3, 2009

Thank you both for your words of advice. I will keep giving advice and listening I just can't really tell if it helps.

Sometimes having something repeated is exactly what someone needs. Everyone has their own sort of advice to give, and sometimes all you have to say to make someone happy is "I understand". EP is all about reaching out, and sometimes reaching out is nothing more than identifying with people. Just keep listening to others. You're helping them.

First of all, any advice is never bad advice. Just the fact that you cared enough to offer it, can do a lot of good. Sure, life experience does make one wise... the thing is... it is not how much you have, but HOW you use it. <br />
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Be kinder to yourself, that's a wonderful place to start.