Then I would not find myself in situations like I do . I really need to think things through before I do anything as then I any not find myself in as much trouble . I normally act before I think and end up being disciplined for my actions .

So maybe if I try to think before I act then I won't need as much discipline in my life , less spankings sounds good to me !!!
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Agreed girl going through same thing

perhaps you need more diapline befor you can learn to think befor you do

Seems to me you are not getting enough discipline or not of a hard enough quality to make you think twice. If you were chastised properly you would think more carefully afterwards and avoid trouble for a good time .

You really are funny !!!!!! I am disciplined enough !!! Suppose
You believe I need stricter discipline?? Really funny !!!!

Spare the rod spoil the child it is the blueness of the wounds that count.

Yeah !!! Whatever !!!