Time Dancer

hi my friend how are you today.

i see you are not OK and i want to give you time but i never get a chance. .. we keep missing each other, i have to go, you can't stay. i miss you and wish i could be more real to you. so instead i write a story in the hope you will read it and know its for you.


i am in a rush today. i am already running late and its still only early. at rate i am going i will be chasing my tail all day and going until at least midnight before i get to stop for awhile.

in passing i stop to catch my breath and i see you. you know you are my friend. i have told you. but what does that really mean . saying we are friends and being a friend are at times different things. i see you sitting i see you smile i see you brush at your face and move your hands as you talk. i could stay and just watch you sitting in the light and becoming more radiant with each second. i could approach you and listen to whatever it is you say. i would listen for hours intrigued and happy to be your audience. i could talk to you and tell you all that is inside me burning to get out. i trust you and think you would listen. time passes and my moment is gone and i need to rush off again. i wave briefly and try catch your eye. but you don't see me and even if you did i don't have the time to give to an encounter and i know i must be on my way. i am already moving again..... and now i am gone.

later i will pass this way again. and in my heart i hope to see you. to know you are here makes you familiar to me. i dance with time and at times i fight it but it is oblivious to me and i am caught in its flow. knowing you are here is as close to contact as today will allow. maybe tomorrow i can stop and talk maybe someday we can step outside of time and dance and hold hands.

i am smiling thinking about you.

i miss you often.




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*sighs* I know exactly what you mean.... :)