Just Not Enough Time!

 It seems like I only ever have like an hour to spend on EP at a time and most of the time much less:-(  There is just not enough hours in the the day.  Sometimes I only have time to check my mail, gestures ect...it sucks!!

LocoLover LocoLover
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 21, 2010

Sweet Sugar! at least U try hugs and thank U for always remembering me! Lov Ya! same here! as U I try to connect with PPL i care about! A hello is purfect! maybe we both hav more time in ZzZz future! ~XOXOX~ur caring friend always! cAnDy ;O)

I feel the same, and recently I have a few new friends joining the circle and I haven't even had the chance to send them a quick hello, what more getting to know mails. Whenever I am stuck behind the desk, I try my best to sneak in EP from time to time, but tomorrow I'm back on my toes again :(