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They Say, All You Have To Do Is Wish

.....looks like someone is listening to me (for once)

I've always wanted to write something but I could never find the time. If I find the time,  I tend to spend it reading the Q&A and had buckets of fun laughing at some of the answers.

The last 2 days, I've had a blast of fun, reading my favourite Q&A section and answering mails.

Now I need to extend my wish.  I'm wishing for more regular time to spend it here, so I can get to know more of those friends in my circle, at least. Hope I'm not asking too much.

muchasgracias muchasgracias 31-35 1 Response Jan 21, 2010

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I agree with you. This is a great site and I love the Q&A too, and yes, at times I get tears laughing. Very entertaining and witty. <br />
<br />
Thank you Collar. You are a wonderful friend too. Blessings.