Thanks, But No Thanks

I don't mean to be nihilistic. Life has meaning for most people. It has its ups and downs, but basically it is worth living.
For me, life has not been worth living since sometime in childhood. When, I don't exactly know. Can I identify a precise time? No. I find that doctors, perhaps being scientists, seem to think everything can be labeled into precision, cause and effect. They want to slice experience into tissues thin enough to fit under the microscope, where they can be labeled and time-stamped. And there will be some nucleus that accepts the dye stain that will yell: "This is it here. Misery." 

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3 Responses Jul 21, 2007

if it were possible i would pay any amount of money to have never existed in the first place. life is just empty and has no meaning, it has always been this way...i realized this since i was about 5 years old. i guess most people can pretend that life means something...they create needs and then spend their time chasing those needs, and for some of us chasing always amounts to nothing no matter how much we try. just wasting time and energy by trying to get a better quality of life. i don't think that most people even realize that they are making up reasons in their heads as to why there is any meaning to life in general. life is really just a terrible trap that is imposed on us by all of the stupid people in this world who think that by creating more lives they are accomplishing something...they are really being very destructive and selfish. did they ever stop to think that maybe some of us never wanted to exist in the first damn place.

Life is what you make of it. If you do nothing with your life then <br />
your life is nothing and not worth living. <br />
<br />
You have to make happiness for yourself. <br />
You have to find adventure and find things in life to get excited about. <br />
You have to strive to better yourself and get excited about the human <br />
experience. if you don't. then you will have a lame *** life and <br />
sit around talking about how meaningless life is. <br />
<br />
make some changes! try some new things and find happiness

the more you try the less you get.

What do you do to find meaning in your life?

Thank you for sharing your story, I found that it made me confront some difficult facts about the lives that some of us lead. And I'm sorry to hear that you have yet to find anything that makes life worthwhile for you.