Fish Out Of Water

Hello everyone,
I am new to EP. What a fantastic place it is. I am at a crossroads yet again. This place of problem fixing. This place of being put up against the wall. This place of alienation of affection. Of dark loneliness of despair. Of calmer times when my head is clear. Of hoping the world will be without end. Of hoping it is not to late to be someone's hero. Peace & Love to everyone!
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5 Responses Oct 21, 2012

I am just getting back to this. I am sorry it took so long. There is a young person who wrote that indicated she was killing herself. This I did not expect. I am trying to reach her but it is a blocked profile to me. Is it because of my age group? She is in the teens. I am praying she is not going through with it. I am hoping somebody out there knows her.

To someone's hero, yes I miss that. In the beginning of a relationship that's how you feel, then you become a disapointment and then an embarassement. How do we keep the hero worship alive?

I, too, would like to be your friend...I write a little, read a little, talk a little, flirt a little..........

I graciously accept!
What a rich and happy life you must have within your family! It is all that is meaningful and promotes such completeness I think.
I will read your posts and stories now. I am new to this although I signed up in May I forgot I had. I love it!
Thank you a hundred times for your thoughtfulness and pure heart! Enjoy your Autumn leaves as they swirl down from the sky. Have fun at making your pumpkin pie.
Peace & Love,

welcome i would like to be your friend and if you need someone to talk i am here