What About U?

Is there times in life when u stop feeling or ur heart start pumping while u'r asking urself what am I, and all u can feel then is as if the earth has stopped spinning, or the water running, or everything in order out in life just stopped, when u suddenly start wondering whats happening right now, its all quite around in silence, when u can only hear the voice of ur thoughts, followed by the silence that strikes u, and u'r still wondering why has everything stopped moving, when just later u start to doubt it, was things already moving before in order, or what was the right order, maybe the water should fly in streams, and the wind run in currents, should the earth jump or pump, birds could crawl, animals would swim, maybe then u could know the answers. Life spins, and whats supposed to be in concepts, morals, spins too, yet everything in ur own life changes, people come or leave, morals spin, concepts bends, all storms take place at different times, however the universe never change, everything in it keeps its order, irrelevant to the struggles that u'r going through, or the illogical forced waves of change.
Ambrokenallover Ambrokenallover
26-30, F
Jan 16, 2013