Do You Know What Its Like To Be Alone Nd Unloved ? I Do

im 14 im a girl i was adopted when i as a few weeks old , i tend to stay in the house alot alot nd i stay in my room alot i think im goin crazy i wish i was more popular i have  the clothes nd looks but not the friends or boyfriend i wish i had some one to talk to it feels like im alone nd no one cares about me i dont hear the words "i love you" as often as i should all the attention goes to my older brother nd it really hurts to know my mom an dad is out there nd wants nothing to do with me :( i cry alot  nd keep every thing inside because i feel as though no one cares.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

ya but its hard to find someone who understands you

your story is same to my life nothing make you feel batter when your life is in misery i try to do many things like candy said but its not just waiting for the time when i die i can't express you how i feel every day

why dont u try to join a sport or some sort of activity like an art class or something, you need to beleive in yourself and try to get threw this hard time because TRUST ME it will get better, when you are in school everyone is like you, its all about haveing the best clothes, being the most popular and all that. But trust me one day you will look back and realize how stupid all the stuff is, that is not what life is about : ) And why dont u try talking to your mom or dad and telling them how u feel, or maybe if you have grandparents talk to them.... maybe they just dont know, sometimes people get to busy in their own lives they forget to think about others..