I'm Feeling Alone Right Now And Want To Talk

I would like to have some meaningful conversation at this moment. My partner is in his room sleeping. He doesn't feel well a lot of the time. It is lonely not having someone to talk with. I am craving a hug and a kiss, too. He is not very affectionate with me. I don't know why I stay in the relationship, but maybe it's becasue we have been together 10 years and it is comfortable in its own way. I worry about taking the risk of having an affair.

I could call the crisis hotline, but I am not feeling in crisis. I want to have a good laugh and joke and be alive. I don't feel very alive right now. I feel I am maintaining the status quo and the status quo is maintaining me.
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tell me anything you like

There are people out here to talk with you just have to seek them out and just say hi.

hi my name is juicymo i'm here to chat i know how it feels to just feel isolated and ignored

I had a thought can u tell him u want affection? If he says no than maybe u want to consider a seperation. Or find out why he wont give u attention. Maybe together u can talk about it and solve your problem. Maybe he wants attention a hug and kiss from u. Talking helps keep u on the same page in a relationship no one can read your mind. Hope that helps. Sometimes u need to tell a man what u want not let him guess. Some men jsut don't get the guessing part.

you can talk to me anytime to ,you should get out and socialize if your not happy in a relationship then get out

You can chat with me anytime.