Just Someone

I have plenty of people to talk to. Just no one who will really listen. Wants to listen. Or will take the time to listen. And someone who not make me feel like I am bothering them!

Cynn Cynn
41-45, F
8 Responses Jun 15, 2008

I can relate. People who I thought were my close friends and family only act like its a burden when I do try to talk to them. I have no genuinely close friends anymore and my boyfriend doesn't help with his lack of affection.

Enjoy life my friend, you are big boy , you don't need people advice and keep your problem behind your back and go forward , read, go out and thank GOD you are in good health ,,, wake up,, I am listening to you

I know how you feel, I go through this everyday of my life, most of my friends and family say " I'm here for you" but when I speak it's like I talk to strangers. FML.

Yeah I get that too. Gotta love the irony or hypocrisy, right?

u are not alone. if need pen pal im here

It seems moe and more in our world people dont really listen to each other, like really imagining what its like to be in that person's shoes. I had someone I really listened to, and they to me, but then I made the mistake of trying to help fix one of their problems.<br />
After 25 years of seeing shrinks/counsellors, etc I finally found one who I feel really listens to me. The guy is brilliant!

I'm always afraid I'm bothering others too.

Listening is the hardest part of communicating

I'll listen!