What Can I Do

what can i do.. im so sad
just idk im just being so depressed
ha.. im just so lonely just need someone to talk to...
****.. im so sad
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5 Responses Aug 11, 2012

I am lonely too and im married :/ it hurts not even being able to talk to your spouse. No one understands me. I feel lonely, clouded, and empty inside. I Have has the thought 3 or 4 times but was too chicken to actually go through with it. Fear of hell I guess. I hate this empty feeling, and its worse not only feeling empty but Aldo not loved by anyone all I want to do is drink but I Have bar acid reflux so i couldnt do that and forget getting high ill lose my job. At the end of my rope.

And yes - I've seen some...

Please tell a bit more why you are depressed. I know some things that have happened to me but it is difficult to tell if my experiences are any help for you...

There's ALWAYS someone to talk to, the wise, yet stinky hobo on the side of the street, that has some curiously good story to pick you up, the lady at the check-out line that has a smile that makes you feel warm, and return the kindness, the anonymous strangers that communicate on this website. You can find someone, anywhere! :) Was there any one thing that caused the feeling, can you pin point it? Can you fix it? Are you really depressed, or just slightly get into moods when alone? Just remember, even if you do not realize it, there is a person or people out there that do care deeply about you, even if they have a goofy way of showing it, always keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough.

I've been really sad lately too. It's like nothing makes me happy anymore...

I feel the same way. I hope it gets better for you.