I Want An Online Friend.

Hi i need someone to talk with i feel lonely these days which makes me bored phsychotic pls some one help me.
SandyEboy SandyEboy
22-25, M
5 Responses Aug 12, 2012

Love to have a friend or two I'm lonely n I have no real friends no one cares n I sound like I'm crazy I love to text it makes me feel comfertable to no I have realy friends to care about me so if u wana texr I'm rob from allentown ,pa 4842800348 I'm a much better listener n one to share a shoulder to cry on

you have an active mind, that is why you feel the need for a friend . lonelyness is a state of mind and is not the same as being alone. Some people are alone but dont feel lonely.I suggest you talk about your lonelyness to some church leader in private and see if he can suggest a group you could visit, that will help your state of isolation.you could buy a pet

I'll talk to you, if you want that is! :)

That's nice....

I'd love to get to know you! ^.^

I always be here for you!


You can talk to me :) !

He i cant see you on my chat box?

How do you do that ?