My Silence Stifles Me

I know I said it doesn't faze me anymore, my parents' fighting, that is. But sometimes it's not just conflicts, they get into full-blown fights every few months and it's shocking, disturbing and utterly disgusting.

The names they call each other, the WAY they say it, their sheer lowliness when doing's FILTHY. I am absolutely ashamed of them, if I could, I would DISOWN THEM BEFORE THEY COULD.
It's so bad I don't even feel like calling them my "mom & dad".

I swear to God, once....just ONCE I get out of here....I am NEVER coming back. EVER.

They really do use us, yes,even my mother uses us as guinea pigs. No wait, POKEMONS. They both have tried countless times to win me over and when that failed, they started bitching about each other to me. Now, how sick is that. They both know that nothing hurts a parent more than their kid's hatred and that's how they intend to hurt each other by turning me against the other.
My brother took his pick: MOM. I refuse to choose either, they're both just as bad. Too bad my brother is such a naive puppy, he'll go wherever he gets enough food and petting.

I thought parents are supposed to shield their kids from all that's harmful and scarring. What else is more scarring than watching your very own parents fight, the two pillars that you're supposed to lean against.

Sick,SICK PEOPLE. Just hearing their voices, having to look at their faces....EVEN THINKING ABOUT THEM IS REVOLTING TO ME.

Iva201 Iva201
Oct 27, 2012