Silence Just Gnaws At Me

Ive gotten to where I accept this view. If Im going to be alone, just let me be alone. I dont need people around to make me feel lonely. I can do that by myself. I sit in my house with only the radio, dvd's or my pets to break the silence. No one calls, no one visits. When I call people, they are in a hurry to get off the phone with me. I spend weekends at my parents home just to be able to hear a voice. There are people in my life, just very few that I feel like truly get me.People I do get along with have completely different interests, so conversation just doesn't go anywhere. It is so rare that I find someone that I click with that I find myself trying keeping my distance so they wont feel like I'm being a nuissance. But in so doing, I feel like I may be pushing them away. Just not sure what I'm doing wrong.
HeartOfAWarrior HeartOfAWarrior
36-40, M
Dec 10, 2012