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The Bubble

A few friends here and there, scattered throughout the states, mostly in california. It's those kind hearts, those willing to let go of "self" and embrace being that gain affection in my eyes. To surrender to the power of this moment, this current spec of time and say "okay, i'm living, breathing, smelling those soft daffodils in the air and filling my lungs with oxygen and hands with warmer ones." those that migh experience each day as something anew and fresh, abundant with life and relations. it's those that i admire in this little bubble. how dare anyone fail to recognize their existence? this new town in which i live is far from those great, admirable people of which i speak and full of those pretentious, selfish beings (i thought i'd never be so pessimistic about). i am unable to see the lovely ones due to filled schedules and empty accounts. please can i be awakened by the flash of sincerity within someone. dance in the rain with someone, leave a little note on a car or end of the bed, give a flower or daisy as a surprise, make someone bread or cookies or tea, or tell someone "i care about you and admire you" me it will make a difference.....spread the word. peace

tessagirl tessagirl 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 24, 2009

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That is an absolutely awesome thought and expression my lady! If I was lucky enough to find a lady with your kind of heart and mind. My life would be very happy and complete! Thank you for being "You"!

What a nice story! I hope you find the friends you're looking for! (Small kiss on your cheek)