Just returned from taking a sweet border collie and a cute fat spaniel to the moors.

It wasn't snowing here but I saw a little snow after I'd driven a while.

But when we got to the moor I was taken aback ... everything looked surrealy, stunningly, beautiful 

As far as the eye could, see every tuft and tump of the moor was covered with an icing of snow. Bright sunshine from an azure blue sky made the scene  almost blindingly dazzling..

The dogs were beside themselves with joy. Tails wagging nonstop, they ran this way and that,  so excited they did not know what to do with themselves..

But this happiness ended far too soon ..

Walked for about five minutes when slap bang in front of us was a snowman. A small snowman, somewhere between 3 and 4 feet high. Both dogs jumped back and bristled up at once. They growled and barked and would not go near or past the snowman. I couldn't stop laughing.
I thought it was the funniest scene ever and sooooooooo wished I'd taken a camera!

Hahahaha :) :) :)

Ps, we headed in another direction and they had a wonderful hour, running and leaping around in the snow :)
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That is funny!
And I see now that I can pay one token and rate your story up EVEN more. What a terrific "improvement". Just what I've been wishing for. Now EP is perfect. o-O


Really. Rate up someone's story and see for yourself! And you can thank someone anonymously with a form thank you , too. Wow. What great improvements.....she said, sarcastically....

Oh ,, how exciting
* rushes off to try *

good story