The Memories I Would Erase

come from my childhood mostly. I was abused in more ways than one and I wish my brain would just it go. I have been through 7 years of counseling and have forgiven the abusers, but I still think about things from time to time, when something happens that triggers a memory. I have Fibromyalgia (chronic muscle/nerve pain) and a spine disease which is debilitating. I mention this only because I take 14 prescriptions a day, which some of the side effects are 'short term memory loss'. I wish 'long ago memory loss' was a side effect.
So her's to all of who need an eraser,
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I can relate . Those memories of abuse. When I was young , terrified and powerless w/ no reprieve. I grew up mean and drug addicted. Too much booze too. A psycho. I'm trying to get well again, counseling, psychiatric medications, higher power relationship- 12 step etc. it is hard, but I won't commit suicide. Luv.

This type of stuff can be cleared out, it's what I do. So you now know you have that option available to you if you want it.<br />
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Be well,<br />
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"You can't change history, but you can change the future!"

Thanks lmb71 for taking the time to comment! Good luck on your erasing the memories that hold you back from doing things you want to do. I wish you well.