Stop And Stare

OK so I had to go to the doctors office for my little neice, who I have 98% of the time. They know that I take care of her so even though I am not her mother its okay for me to take her to the doctor(benifit of a small town). But when I got there this woman was stareing me and her up and down! When I finaly sat down we started talkin, and it came to find out that she thought my neice was my daughter. I tried to correct her but she just would not listen! She went on and on about how she understood about being a single mom.........but while she said this her eyes had this "deer in headlights" look to them. We eventually got called back, I just wanted to know what was running through her mind. Because I think I could have used a laugh that day!

maytaytay maytaytay
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010