How I Do This

i know those who have seen my pics have commented very positively and all of you make me feel good about how i look. it takes me a lot of patience and pain to make my body have the curves that you see and i would like to share with you all what all it entails for me to pull off making myself look the way i want.
first of all, you have to understand that what i do is unconventional, but its how i learned to shape myself, i didnt have anyone to talk to about it and i was too scared at first to ask for advice, so please, be kind.
to make my body have the shape that it has i wear several styles of girdles and a waist nipper for extra shape. i also wear several layers of pantyhose with the shapers because the control tops add to the shape of my waist and my hips.
i layer the hosiery and girdles like so, pantyhose, shaper, pantyhose shaper, with a shaper on top. right now i am wearing five layers of pantyhose and five very tight girdles under my outfit and nobody can tell except for me. it does cause me pain a bit, but im used to it and i find it arousing at times when im in that mood.
the multiple layers also hold my tucked parts so firmly tucked away that i look like i had my boy stuff removed, but i didnt.
ok, thats how i do it, but its not for everyone (wink)
feraldawn feraldawn
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

Honey, so what if it's not for everyone, as long as its what you want, and you achieve what you desire.
The results are phenomenal!