The Reasons I Don't Quit

I am depressed beyond words, feeling lonely and sad but If I have to give the reasons to live, there are plenty.

The first and most important reason is I love myself. when I realized even god hates me with the rest of the world, I decided to love myself more because others hate me. at least this was the thing that I could do.

I am a survivor. I am still fighting the great battle and I haven't defeated. Therefore I have begun to respect myself. I know I am special. I know though I am a failure, there must be some purpose behind my life. Maybe, that purpose is to suffer, but I must fulfill that objective.

I am intelligent than animals. I can see dreams, i can think, I have promises to keep. I want to try before dying, I want to see if there is any miracle, or any chance of success. I want to learn about the world. there are millions of questions that are unanswered in my mind, I wish to find those answers. There are too many beautiful things on this earth, and I don't want to leave them. I love them. I love all the things around me- animals, our land, tress, sky, sunrise. I love the early dawns, I love when it rains with thunderstorm. I am not so sure that I will get all these things after my death. That's why I don't want to quit.

So even though God doesn't like me, I insist on living. He hates me, sO I chose to love myself. I don't want others to call me losers after I am gone. I want them to say that I tried. I want to say to god that I fought and didn't quit. besides, I am so scared of no, I would never think like people in this group. My life is too precious.

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4 Responses Jul 26, 2010

You have so many good traits in your personality I am surprised to read that you are depressed,however I understand depression very well as I have been there and come out smiling the other side.<br />
You ARE strong of character,from what I have read I already have taken a like to your personality,you are a tryer,no matter what life throws at you,you will survive.<br />
Good luck for the future,hang in there :-)

I too admire beauty in this world.. But it's only beauty to our eyes.. If we truly believe that in our hearts then there would be no doubt.. No doubt that we matter.. But as I can see. We are on the same boat.. The boat doubt.. I won't give up either.. I know that somewhere in this life there is a beautiful place for me.. I will find it.. But until then I have no choice but to doubt..

god does like hates you,..<br />
from what i have just read,, you have a lot of beauty within you <br />
and you so want to live your life and enjoy it to the full...<br />
depression is a mind state that you have put yourself in,<br />
with hard work and determination you can also take yourself<br />
out of it isnt a disease that you catch...<br />
iam reading "unlimited power",,,(The new science of personal achievment) "Anthony Robbins"<br />
take a look,.if you can,,the book is so empowering...<br />
all the best to you...<br />

wow, you are Awesome---