Why Can't I Cheat On My Husband?

so my husband's **** is as useless as a limp tail of a dead weasel, we are in Hawaii and it's hot and sweaty and wonderful. We are on this beautiful ranch with 25 acres of jungle, the place is swarming with gorgeous tanned, surfers. As if that wasn't enough, my beautiful lovely old friend, who i had a thing with million years a go, drives up to see me, we're drinking and remembering the good old times. He reminds me of how much he used to like me, we chuckle. I think to myself it would only take a couple of flirtatious comments to have a little summer fling. Why not, I only live ones, but I end up being shy, I disregard the invitations to be bad, I remain a good wife, whatever the hell that means, not that I consciously subscribe to some Taliban mentality of wife ownership. What is wrong with me? I just missed a chance, again, I can't even bring myself to take the offer, leave alone generate anything exciting in my life. I'm so frustrated with myself. I haven;t had sex in god knows how many months, surely I deserve? Why can't I do it?
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

hmmm... interesting.

I have thought the same...in reverse. I need a little more sexing than my wife does, and cannot get more because it would be detrimental to our relationship. Truth is, that even if she gave me permission, I probably could not do it because it would all back-fire at a later date. I am waiting for the kids to move out. Once this happens, I think I can get more focus on our relationship and sex-life. In the mean time, I get my flirting done on EP.