Bizzarro World Soap

This is Bizzarro world where everything is a duplicate of the things on earth only opposite...of course in the real life this could not happen but in comic book land anything goes....Bizzarro world always fascinated me as a child and I couldn't wait til the next superman comic book came out with the newest Bizzarro world story. This is my real life story with opposite people and situations.....everyone will play their real life self with totally opposite personalities and character......It's the family I could only wish I had in the family I could only wish I didn't have story.

Mom was young and beautiful. As beautiful, wise and kind as she was physically striking.She was a looker alright...lovely face, long auburn hair and a petite perfectly proportioned frame draped in the latest 1951 fashions. She worked part time as a photographer's model to bring  in extra money while dad struggled through dental school and drove a cab around town part time.

Finding out she was pregnant so soon after the wedding drew deep concern in her heart for the financial stress it would put on dad but like a trooper she put on her most dazzling smile and prepared his favorite dinner. She loved him. She truly did and he grew strong and steady as a husband in that love. She took great pleasure in finding little things that pleased him. Her current goal was to made his home a sanctuary for the few waking hours he spent there studying and sleeping. No matter what it took they would get through this pregnancy and start their little family with matter what it required of her she was going to make sure it put no burden on him. That this would be an event to celebrate, a begining to enjoy and look forward to. Children were a gift and the first was bringing them to the beginning of a new and lifelong adventure...a fresh new path in their journey be continued
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56-60, F
Nov 15, 2011