"I Wish I Hadn't Had My Tubes Tied"

I had a tubal ligation done about 2 years ago. I was engaged to be married and he did not want any more kids. At that time I had a 14 yr old and he had a grown daughter that was 22 yrs old. I figured with my age which was 35 at that time and my sons age starting all over or even thinking of another child was out of the question. I didn't just do that because of my ex I decided it was probably the best thing to do. I sometimes still think that I may want another child especially with the right person someone that I love. They say things happen for a reason so maybe it just wasn't meant for me to have any more. I just love babies though and children! Well there is always grandchildren for the future. I suppose that will have to do.
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I found before I had mine, I had to be 100% sure that this is what I truly wanted done. I am now in my middle ages and the last pregnancy was life and death for me and there was no way that I could ever endure another pregnancy. I think it is the best things that I have ever done for myself and it works for me - mine was a medical decision cause if I went through another one, I wouldn't be here.<br />
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I think overall, if there are no medical concerns and the last pregnancies went well, could opt for an IUD implant over getting a tubal. It is just as effective and can be removed for a future pregnancy if a woman wants another baby. <br />
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The thing with IUS id that they need to be switched out and replaced, I think every 5 years. It's not as permanent as a tubal.<br />
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I hope the suggestion will help others, if they are looking to get a tubal done. Medical reason along with a life or death situation - a tubal would be ideal, other words an IUD would be a better choice.

Looks as though Emerald read my mind-I was going to suggest the option of having the procedure reversed. Someone very close to me had it done successfully.

If you just want to be involved in a child's life, but are still wondering if you want to be a full time mom again, look into the local outreach programs. I am sure there are many kids in your area that would love to have a stable influence in their lives, and will let you truly make a difference in a child's life.

Yeah I was just thinking that there was a way to reverse the surgery too, and Emerald just confirmed that for me. But you know what another option is? Adoption. Steven Curtis Chapman is always talking about children who need good homes. And Jon and Sherry Rivers adopted Lexi. She is such an adorable child. So that's something to think about, too.

Well, make sure when picking out the next mate, see to it he has GOOD insurance! lol. Let me explain. My 32 yr. old cousin is going through this exact thing! She remarried a yr. ago, and hubby wants a child. Fortunately, he has EXCELLENT insurance, and it paid to have a reversal done! In fact, the insurance was going to pay off by 2 different options! The other option was to take 3 eggs from momma, fertilize them, and implant them. So she could keep tubes tied. But this is a little more painful, plus it increases the chance of multiple birth. Or worse, if NONE of the eggs "took" then too bad; it was a one shot deal. Still, as you can see, there are options even after a tubal! Granted... you WILL pay! lol