Heard From God

It is very important to know that the moment one repents of his/her sins and  accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Savior, you   are automatically  in grafted into Gods family.
It is imperative that as a son or daughter of God, you should hear from Him. The question now comes , How does God speak to his Children
1)Through the Bible: The bible contains God will for mankind, God speaks through his word, you can be doing your quiet time or personal bible study and you come across a verse that impresses so much on you. you just can shelve it off. it ministers to an aspect of your life and the more you PRAY about it, the stronger the impression. my dear God is passing across a message 
2)Through the Inner witness of the Spirit of God: The bible tells us in the book of Romans that as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons /Daughters of God. The Spirit of God prompts us from within in such a way that you cant shrug it off and when you PRAY you find that the prompting increases eg when paul sensed in his spirit that that young damsel had the spirit of divination though she pretended as if she was fostering pauls ministry, check the prompting if it agrees with the bible before you take action.
3)By Audible Voice: as in the case of Paul's Conversion on his way to Damascus, check what you hear with the Bible if it disagrees then its not of God.
4)By Dreams and Revelations: as in case of Peter falling into a trance about clean and unclean things. But please check dreams and revelations with word of God, satan also counterfeits dream e.g. some false prophets claim they had revelations from angel whatsoever ,or perfect being whatsoever  but if you carefully examine their ministry and teaching , its at variance with the word of God e.g. polygamy, angels worship, praying through a personality other than Jesus Christ etc.
Please note in all this means always check what you think you're being told or led to  with the Bible, the word of God because the word of God abides forever, it cant change and God can never go against his word. God and His word are ONE ,He said heaven and earth will pass away but his word will never change ,also  that He honors His word above all His name e.g you feel you should marry an unbeliever, its not God's will because in 2nd Corinthians 7verse 14 he says be not unequally yoked with an unbeliever, what relationship has light with darkness or you want to tell lies to do a legitimate thing or even help someone remember he said all liars shall have their part in the lake of Fire. God would always prepare a way of escape for you. You don’t need to be overly wise to your destruction
joerio joerio
36-40, M
Jul 30, 2010