God Is Too Intelligent To Understand.

God has a plan for everybody. It is depends on how we interpreted our plan to us. if we scrutinize our life then we will find that there always a best plan . we are not alone here, there is some one there for us in every moment. he helps us to create exquisite master plan for us. when i look back , i got everything what i wanted but not the condition of mine. what i wished about my life, i just asked the god and he gave to me but with a twist. and that create a lack of satisfactions in all thing. It is very hard to understand. i know who are successful in life they are good at understanding God's plan for them. so the key is to have a faith on God's plan. i don't know am i good or bad, to understand the puzzles of life but am still trying to solve it.
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

I agree about God's plan but I don't think he is plan for us all is to be successful, happy and rich.