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Help Me Feel Less Alone

you ever wake up some mornings and from the second you open your eyes you can tell its going to be a rough day? yep todays my day. im broke. my phone is broke. my car is outta gas. school sucks. to doctor is becoming my bestfriend. i didnt get a job. i need a job. the one person that knew what to say in times like this isnt alive anymore. im tired (shocker). and i just wanna curl up in my bed and disappear. or at least cry till everything is better. i feel so alone. growing up sucks. ughh.
noverholdback noverholdback 18-21, F 4 Responses Mar 27, 2012

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thats life you need to accept and overcome and learn hoe to play with it to survived crying will not bring presents but chaos and pity so try to find something worthwhile to make your life easier...Thanks for being a friend...

I know this is kind of late to say but I wanted to let you know I get that completely:<br />
<br />
Somedays I wake up feeling that it's all going to suck and I automatically remember all the troubles/stresses of life.<br />
Financial stuff, being stuck, stress, etc.<br />
<br />
I get it. It stinks getting older because of all the growing responsibilities -- but you'll get through it. Everyone who struggles with these feelings can overcome them, it just takes time. :

thank you.

Yup, January, transmission went on my truck, no coverage to fix, no money to fix it car accident wasnt driving.smashed my leg swollen in pain..very bad bruise couldnt walk, spent night in hospital, caught bronchitis while I was there, live in the sticks, so I had to count on friends to rides to doctors, food shopping...very depressed..but we all have our down times...when we hit rock bottom the only place to go is up..its up to us to climb out of it..try talking out loud to that person passed..ask for help ask for a sign and keep asking for a sign they are listening to you...not religious here but Ive had werid things and postive signs from my mom..cant hurt to try