I Daydream About It All The Time

I believe it says that our desires are God's desires becuase it was he that put the desires in us. Still, I wonder how my days have been written ahead of me. About a handful of people know I would like to be a fashion designer one day. Clothes excite me. They excite me so much that they are not helping my financial system :p. But I wonder how God is going to set things up. I wonder who I am going to meet, how many years it is going to take, how big will the success be, where are things going to take place and how long will it last?

There was a point one time where I asked God why is it that we live blindly sometimes and take risks that are really unnecessary. There were many times I was very frustrated, wondering how long my days were to going to be just copycats . I wish I can look through the future and see what I all should dodge or look forward to. But then I might see things I don't want to see but rather be surprised by.

The scariest part is having doubts in your mind that maybe God does not have a plan for you. Maybe you just live your life in a plain way.
FashionQueen86 FashionQueen86
26-30, F
Jun 19, 2012