I'm Not Quite Sure I Belie...

i'm not quite sure i believe in God, but i would like to know where my life is going, and i know that probably the only way i'm going to find that out is going through it.
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I'm not quite sure how to find Jesus Christ, and become truly a christian... Im afraid that He doesnt think I'm worthy enough.

God is! He does exist. This is the fundamental truth of all reality. The question is, "How can we come to know Him?" The Bible's answer to this question is simple - through Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that if we seek Him, He will be found.<br />
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Begin with that then. Just ask God to show you about Himself, and I believe that if you are sincere He will not fail to 'prove' His existence.<br />
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If it where that we all knew the plans God has for us ever since we where born, could really cause complications. First of all we would definitely loose interest in living as everything would feel like a de ja vou case or similar. Take life as it comes and live for the day. Your final destiny will surely unfold before you some day, and you will know it.... you will...

Congrats, you're really living. Live for your own sake.