Life Would Be So Much Easier I...

Life would be so much easier if each of us knew God's plan for us all spelled out.  But, it's not that way - we are on a journey of discovery.  When I used to work in the corporate world, I used to think it would be so much easier to have to wear a uniform than to plan what to wear tomorrow.  I liken these two items in my head. 
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I do agree with you, We are on our journey of decovery.<br />
I do believe, God's plan for me is to be guided by him, in all my thoughts and actions etc.,however I don't know the outcome of my life, but I'm happy to do his will..<br />
<br />
Thanksfor your stories..

Journey of discovery, yes<br />
God has a plan, no. God, no.<br />
Unless...I was also supposed to find this site and challenge your faith?<br />
Maybe you should put comments on my atheistic stories and comments? A test of your faith. I ask some pretty decent questions and try to be as polite and light as possible.

I think you finding this site was a part of Gods plan - a lot of it can be attitude - being grateful for the good things that happen to us and also being grateful for things that aren't so good - so we can turn them around to be the best for us. It's all about keeping our lamps lit (like the parable of the virgins in the Bible) so when an opportunity comes up - we are ready for it and can recognize it. And yes, Yea for uniforms!!!

I agree with you on both points, I too, wish i knew God's plans for me, or even just a hint, lol. But maybe it is better that i don't, i ttrust that he will EVENTUALLY unfold some of his plans for mw. Ex) finding this site was a fluke and it has helped me immensly, perhaps God knew i needed this site. Re; uniforms .... for 8 years due to school i had to wear a uniform and i was grateful, it meant that in one respect we were all the same and it took away the agnozing ecision of what to wear. YEAAAAAA!!