Yeha I Sumtimes Do Wish That I...

yeha i sumtimes do wish that i knew his plan for me because im getting ready to give up and i dont want to mess up his plan so i cant give up.ya know?because i know that i could probably mess that up too along with everything else in my life and apparently every one elses too.i just wish that i knew because sometimes i get the feeling that the world is gonna end during my life and i dont know why but i just really dont want it to end you know i want to live my entire life like every one else before me has. but sometimes i wonder if God makes the world end every couple of generations. i know that that sounds really really stupid but i wonder if he just uses the bible from the beginning of time and makes us believe that the last generation invented all of the technology that we have but he actually did it all himselves and didnt use poeple to put it out there.i just wish that i knew what i am supposed to do so that i can do it and ho to heaven. but then soemtimes i wonder what would happen if i didnt live to complete my task. you probably think that i am insane by now so im gonna leave byebye
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6 Responses May 17, 2007

good but personally i think his plan was just for you to be yourself.

good. =) X

thanx. i will definitely keep that in mind.

i think you're smart. i think what you have to do is live. let yourself live a little. thats all.

yeah that is what people tell me too. maybe they are right and im just too stubborn to believe

hey i know how you feel like people say that God gives us these gifts and i think i know what mines is but i'm not sure i don't know what the real " purpose" for my life is like how do i spred his word i wish i knew what he wanted me to do to so i could just do it. People tell me that God has already told me but i don't wanna listen so maybe that's the problem we don't wanna listen or when we do listen it's not what we want so we look for a diffrent answer.