Let It Manifest.

i have owez thot of how wonderfull he has bin but i dont owez hv a clu on wat is going to be hapenin to me in the next hour...oh God..certain things jst scare me wen i think of myslf pasing thru them.
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<p>Find something you are passionate about and do it to the best of your ability, you'll be surprise. God has given all of us passion for something, find it and the will of God will manifest, not necessarily in it but through it or it will lead you to it.</p>

thank u,wil try and do that.

You're welcome, I'll be praying for you.

"Make children happy."

They need help, they accept help, and you can be the blessing God sends.

Little else has meaning for me. While the world may teach them cruelty, want, or pain, they have not yet learned cynicism and in that you can find unadulterated good to accomplish.