Catagorically I Think ...

Catagorically I think I got it down, although knowing and doing aren't as easily done.

 But specifically  I think we all have opportunities to do his will which in turn fullfills his plan for us . it's a matter of being receptive at the time!

Sometimes it's as simple as not reaching out and choking the living crap outta somebody who so dearly needs it. LoL

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Tis a game only worth playing while there is still joy in it .

It is a constant challenge and sometimes, just plain dumb luck. A negative attitude I suppose.

Philosohhically, life can be really complex. I had enormous issues with why there were such evil things going on in our world, deaths of women children innocents. etc. Finally one day I heard a great pastor speak about the world as a curcible, Under the great heat of sin and temptation some sink to the bottom as unmeltable impurities, some float up to be discarded as dross, But the rest are purified by the fire. <br />
When you look away from that hungry old woman instead of giving her a dollar or two , Well right then you are failing a test, When your heart speaks to you to do a kindness and you are more concverned with how it looks or how comfortable you are with it. Instead of simply doing what is right. Then you are stepping off the path. Do it often enough and one day ya cant find your way back.<br />
For some that is the end, for some they fall and ask for help and it becomes their beginning. bottom line. This is a grand adventure, look for the good within YOU and you wil find it in others. <br />
just my humble opinion.<br />

Good comments MountainMan. To share, to give, to encourage, to assist, to help. These are all little things that we know are in His will, the Word of God tells us this. Smebro, His will if for us to love each other, to serve each other, to be the best kind of person we can be. His will is also for us, to know and love and be in a personal relationship with Him. Those are the basics. Then, just like getting to know a friend, the more you relate, the more you just know. It would be like recognizing the voice of a good friend, when you just hear it in the mist of a crowd.

How do you know?<br />
What is his plan for you?