Who Am I to Question God...

 Who am I to question God.  Besides doesn't the fact that God has a plan for me negate freewill?
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2 Responses May 28, 2007

Who am I to question God or even wonder why?<br />
The world was here before I came;<br />
'Twill be here when I die.<br />
Seasons come, season go every single year.<br />
The sun will rise, the moon will glow<br />
When I'm no longer here.<br />
But if I put my trust in God someday I'm sure to see<br />
The way He pointed out was best of all for me.

Does anyone know the author of this ??

Not really in my opinion.<br />
I believe than everyone has a purpose in their lives, which they can or not accomplish with their decisions. That plan can change in consideration for the path you've chosen.